Where the Animals Rule the Roost

Need a friend?  Let me paint you one...

My name is Kara Rowley and I am a wildlife artist located in temperamental Calgary, Alberta, beside the mighty Bow River.  I am grateful to live on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people who are the original caretakers and have walked here for generations.  People tell me my animal art makes them feel good, happy, or joyful, which I think speaks to my inner spirit.  I paint with acrylic and prefer bright, bold colours.  As a self-taught and continual learning artist, my process is undefined and constantly evolving.  I often use recycled canvas and really enjoy how the previous textures subtly appear on the finished pieces.  I also make my own frames because I feel that they enhance the rustic, outdoorsy concept and add texture to the overall work.  My goal is to find homes for all of my animals and have them continue to spark joy for years to come.  

Please check out the brochure I have created as my art resume!